Quotes Thank you Kim and Jim. I really appreciate you :-) Quotes
Suzie Wilder
New consultant

Quotes Just seeing Kim and Jim Mason walk into a room is energizing. They are an outstanding team who tirelessly make time for their team, through calls, meetings, Business Presentations, and doing whatever it takes to grow our success. At a recent training in West Middlesex, PA, Jim was given a standing ovation for his inspiring words. Who says a landscaper can't be an awesome speaker? Jim and Kim rock! Quotes
Cindy Aronson
Ambit Consultant

Quotes Ambit Energy is changing lives!!! They changed mine for the better, I get FREE electric & natural gas for my referrals and better yet, they pay me to "spread the word" very, very well may I add! Buying my time back so we can focus on racing instead of working. We're just trying to get a few open minded people wiling to take a look at this awesome opportunity, make an educated decision, and achieve financial freedom!!! AMEN!!! Quotes
Johnny & Joann Paradiso
Senior Consultants

Quotes Since joining Ambit at the end of last year, I have helped many people save on their energy bills. It is especially rewarding to help customers get out from under an unfair contract with a different provider. I have helped 3 customers that will each save significantly each year. That is just a wonderful feeling. And, I have gathered enough customers for free energy. Just think, no more paying for the supply portion of my National Fuel bill! Quotes
Michael VandeVelde
Ambit Energy Consultant

Quotes This business has given us opportunities that we never could have dreamed of. Being in college and being debt free is an amazing feeling. This has happened because of Ambit and the wonderful team we are part of! Quotes
Kazlin & Halee Mason
Senior Consultants